Tour descriptions DNCNR

                             1.      Best of the forest

2.      Cultural delights and forest treasures

3.      Vietnamese countryside and foodies tour

             Additional experiences that can be added to tour:

·                  Cruise or shorter boat ride on Tri An Lake

·                 Visit to Eastern war relics site


1.      1. Best of the forest tour

   This tour is great for nature enthusiasts where you will get to explore one of Vietnam’s most important forested areas, Dong Nai Wold Biosphere Reserve. 

   This active tour includes exploring the forest by bicycle and trekking by foot. Try your luck viewing some of the nature reserve’s important wildlife by going on nocturnal wildlife walks in the evenings. Go swimming and stay overnight by campfire at the spectacular Rang Waterfall. On this tour you will get to see into the working life of Dong Nai’s forest rangers and get in touch with your wild side with this truly unique experience; you will be amazed at how close you are from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City.

                        night tour - overnight stay either at forest ranger stations/camping in tent or hammock 

2.      2.Cultural delights and forest treasures

   On this off the beaten tour you get to experience rural Vietnam by bicycle. You will be delighted by the sights of the traditional Vietnamese farming life right on the doorstep of one of the country’s most important forested areas, Dong Nai World Biosphere Reserve.

   Go swimming in Ba Hao Lake or Tri An Lake and try your luck at catching some local fish. Cycle through small villages and meet local farmers where you can sample local tropical fruits, you will also get a chance to pick your own vegetables from a pesticide free farm set up for the local community. Visit one of the villages of the Choro ethnic minority group, where you will get a rare glimpse into their life, watch some of the handicrafts being made and admire the unique traditional housing. The Long House was built to create space for the Choro ethnic community to carry out cultural activities, celebrate festivals and events for the continued preservation of their culture. Finish the day with an evening meal of the fresh fish and vegetables from the local farm and sleep over night at the Choro Long House.

   The next day is time to venture into the forest on by bicycle. This tough but exhilarating ride will be worth the effort once you arrive to a completely secluded forest ranger station. Be treated to some Vietnamese hospitality from the friendly forest rangers. You can relax or help prepare a traditional Vietnamese meal with the rangers who have a small onsite farm. Finish the day with a night time walk spotlighting for local wildlife. You also have the option to sleep in hammocks in the forest - an experience in itself!

   Optional add on to cycle to Rang waterfall (dry season only) or long day hike (track and weather permitting).

3.      3. Vietnamese countryside and foodies’ tour

   On this tour you will be immersed into rural Vietnam and the Vietnamese food culture. You will be delighted by the sights of the traditional Vietnamese farming life right on the doorstep of one of the country’s most important forested areas, Dong Nai World Biosphere Reserve.

   Watch local fisherman catch fish using traditional Vietnamese fishing methods or try your luck yourself.  Pick your own vegetables from a pesticide free farm set up for the local community and visit fruit orchard farms where you can sample some tropical fruits along the way. With your fresh fish and vegetables and ingredients from the local market you will then have a hands-on cooking class to recreate some classic Vietnamese dishes.

   This tour can be extended to an overnight stay at either the Choro ethnic minority Long House or a family homestay in Phu ly (*once homestay program is developed)

   If you decide to stay overnight at the Long House located in the village of the Choro ethnic minority group you can sleep overnight in hammocks.  You will get a rare glimpse into their life and admire the unique architecture of their traditional houses. This Long House site was built for the community as a place of worship, to carry our cultural activities and other festivals and celebrations.

   Homestay Phu Ly option to be advised ….

Optional extras add on to tours:

-Cruise or boat ride on Tri An Lake

   Tri An Lake is Vietnam’s largest freshwater lake in Viet Nam covering an area of 32,400 ha featuring over 70 islands.  Any of the tours can finish off with a boat ride along the lake where you can relax and go swimming.

   Large groups can enquire about hiring a boat for half day/full day and full meal banquet.

-Visit the South Eastern War Relics site

   The forests of Dong Nai had a special role during the two resistance wars against France and America being used as the Headquarters of the Eastern Region Party Committee, the revolutionary base is known as “War Zone D”.  The site contains many relics, monuments, tunnels and a museum exhibiting items from both of the wars. For those interested in the history of Vietnam this would be an interesting destination to visit, especially highlighting jungle warfare.


Other News in topic

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>> Releasing 3.2 tons of juvenile fish into Tri An lake (6/25/2020)

>> Celebrating the World Environment Day 5/6/2020 (6/25/2020)

>> Celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity 22/5 (6/25/2020)

>> Celebrate Earth Hour 2019 (4/8/2019)

>> Mr. Nguyen Phu Cuong visits Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve (DNCNR) (4/8/2019)

>> The conference on coordinated regulation in forest management and protection, forest fire prevention and fighting, aquatic resources protection of Tri An Lake in the border area of DNCNR in 2018 (2/28/2019)

>> The workshop on the 2018 year review and 2019 year plan (2/28/2019)

>> One of Vietnam’s truly unique homestay experiences (1/11/2018)

>> “Mountain Biking Tour Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve” (8/7/2017)

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