Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve (the Reserve) is a scientific non-business unit directly under Dong Nai Province People’s Committee. The Reserve supports a special use forest (SUF) system and an important area of cultural heritage for South Vietnam. The Reserve was found in 2004, as a priority landscape for the Greater Annamites Ecoregion; listed in the Global 200 Ecoregions. The total land area of the Reserve is over 100,300 ha, including natural forests, large lakes and cultural and historical relics. The Reserve is located 70km from Ho Chi Minh City and about 40km north of Bien Hoa City.

The reserve is considered an area of high biological diversity in the world. It used to be a revolutionary base with many historical and cultural relics such as the Headquarters for Eastern Region Party Committee, The Central Committee for South Vietnam, and Suoi Linh Tunnel. In 2011, the reserve was designated as the world biosphere reserve.

It is located in the central of Southeast, next to great urban in the region and owns tourism potentiality in eco-tourism, cultural and historical attraction. Hence, it is an ideal place to hold festival and important events for Dong Nai province. The reserve is attracting the interest of investors, travel agencies and tourist. Recently, Conservation Area welcomes and serves over 15,000 customers every year, including the leaders and former leaders of Communist Party, central and local delegates and tourists.

Here, tourists can contemplate natural landscapes and wetland habitat in Tri An lake, Ba Hao lake. You have a chance to see wild fauna with your own eyes, visit historical monuments, and get cultural experience with Choro’s people. There are many different types of tourism, such as eco-tourism, historical and cultural tourism and community tourism... for tourist. They can stay at Ma Da guesthouse or Center of Ecology- Culture- History of War Zone D guesthouse, where have cool and courteous rooms, next to Ba Hao Lake. They also make camping at relics and stay overnight in the tent.