Cruising Tri An Lake

7/12/2016 10:31:16 AM



Time: 1 day

Transportation: By car

07h 30: About 35 km

Pick up at the central office of War Zone D in Hamlet 1, Ma Da commune, Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai province. Then, let’s go to Tri An lake.

08h 30 – 11h 00: Meet the tour boat.

Tri An is the largest fresh water lake in Viet Nam, covering an area of 32,400 ha, with more than 70 large and small islands, which is an ideal ecotourism destination. Sailing on a boat is the most fantastic experience  when visiting Tri An lake. It can melt your stress and worries away.



It is interesting to stay overnight on islands such as Eagle island, Dong Truong island, Robinson island and enjoy the fresh food specialities of the lake. You will have a chance to go fishing, net fish and small shrimp together with the fishermen.

You can visit the raft fishing villages of La Nga, Suoi Tuong to learn more about the lifestyle of the fishermen and have a chance to go fishing, net fish and small shrimp together with the fishermen. You can make traditional dishes such as grilled fish and fish sour soup.



11h00 – 14h00: Leisure in Eagle Island

14h 00: About 35 km         

Say goodbye to Eagle Island, back to the headquarter and end the tour.

Tour code


From 10-14 guests (VND/guest)

From 16-25 guests (VND/guest))

From 35-45 guests (VND/guest)


Tri An Lake




 * Inclusions:

+ Tour ticket

+ Tourist guide: Enthusiastic and cheerful

+ Boat renting fee

+ Lunch at Eagle Island

* Exclusions:

         VAT, transportation fee, insurance and other derived expenses.

Note: You can choose many attractive destinations in Dong Nai Culture & Nature Reserve.

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